The Center for Family Health believes that partnerships and community networks are the key to successful patient health. We are successful in helping our patients achieve healthy lifestyles because we partner with each individual patient to provide the support and guidance he or she may need to achieve better health.

Over the years, we also have developed partnerships and participated in community networks with many organizations that are important to helping us achieve our mission and better serve our patients and improve the overall health of our community. Below is a summary of community partners, and it is not meant to be completely exhaustive. We also recognize that while not listed, many of our community networks such as Health Improvement Organization (HIO), Cradle to Career (c2C), and the Human Service Network (HSN) in both Jackson and Hillsdale counties play a significant role in helping us provide quality, and affordable health care.

Note: This list is a compilation of some of the organizations that work with the Center for Family Health. We value and appreciate all organizations that impact and provide other services to our patients. Those organizations also allow us to fully carry out our mission of providing health care for all.