Baker College

Baker students go to Center for medical care, jobs

Baker College of Jackson trains students for various roles in the health-care industry.

Graduates pursue careers as medical assistants, licensed practical nurses, and medical-insurance specialists; and others study health-information technology, health-service administration, and other disciplines leading to medical jobs.

Some of those graduates find jobs at the Center for Family Health, creating the first bond between the two entities.

The second is more personal: medical care for many of Baker’s students.

“Baker sees the Center as such as asset to the community,” said Marie Bonkowski, Dean of Health Sciences at Baker College of Jackson.

Many of Baker’s students are women and non-traditional students, “working, going to school, trying to take care of a family” and they often turn to the Center for affordable, quality health care, she said.

In fact, Baker staff members, knowing that many students’ financial resources are limited, refer students to the Center for health care.

The partnership is now broadening to Hillsdale since some Baker students intern at the hospital in Hillsdale, close to the Center’s new Hillsdale facility where they can receive primary medical care, Bonkowski said.

 “Our long-time partnership with Baker College is a great model of two entities aligned to improve the health of their community,” said Molly Kaser, Center president & CEO.  “We appreciate the many ways that Baker staff and students contribute to Jackson and Hillsdale.”

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