Hillsdale Hospital

Hospital a key supporter of Center for Family Health's extension of services into Hillsdale County

When the Center for Family Health extended its services outside the borders of Jackson County for the first time in 2015, it was a milestone welcomed and urged by Hillsdale Hospital.

Hospital leaders wanted to expand access to primary care for underserved populations in their community, and for five years they encouraged the Center for Family Health to open a federally qualified health center in Hillsdale.

Hillsdale Hospital provided unwavering support to the mission of improving access to care, and when the Center for Family Health board decided in 2014 to make the move, Hillsdale Hospital provided medical office space at 240 W. Carleton Rd. for what would become Center for Family Health—Hillsdale.

Roots of Hillsdale Hospital are more than a century old, tracing back to the Hillsdale Sanitarium, which opened in 1915 to help invalids regain health and learn healthy habits. Today, it is a modern hospital that provides excellent medical services while emphasizing caring, commitment, and community.

In addition to leasing space from the hospital, the Center for Family Health—Hillsdale coordinates care with Hillsdale Hospital and relies on the hospital for lab work. 

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