The Michigan Primary Care Association

MPCA unites health centers in state to advocate for access to care

The Michigan Primary Care Association represents 40 community health centers in Michigan, including the Center for Family Health.

In total, these organizations provide primary medical care to 615,000 Michigan residents.

The MPCA formed in 1978 to advocate for access to health care in rural areas.  A few years later, it broadened its scope to include urban areas and other underserved populations.

It monitors legislation that could affect health centers and advocates for laws that help community health systems fulfill their mission; provides communities with resources and guidance on how to best meet its underserved population’s health-care needs; and offers centers opportunities to learn how to best operate, finance and govern their organizations.

The MPCA works with state policymakers to educate them about the role and importance of community health centers, and it strives to invigorate the public to communicate with their lawmakers about the needs of these centers.

In short, the MPCA is an invaluable support organization for community health centers, particularly federally qualified health centers.  

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