Employee Spotlight: Dr. Kathryn Thornton - Dentist

Dr. Kathryn Thornton - Dentist

ThorntonDr. Kathryn Thornton, a dentist at the Center for Family Health Dental Clinic, realized since childhood that she wanted to work in the health-care field. 


After growing up in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Thornton studied biomedical engineering at Boston University.  Next she earned her dental degree at Harvard University.


Since completing dental school 12 years ago, Dr. Thornton has continued her education in the field of public health. She has a master's degree in public health from the University of Michigan and is working on her doctorate at Michigan State University.


Dr. Thornton joined the Center for Family Health in 2015, having previously worked in community-based dentistry in Chicago.


“I really wanted to practice in community health,” said Dr. Thornton.  “I think good health should be a possibility for everyone.  My passion is working with children and we’re often helping families who may have nowhere else to go for care. It makes my day to get a thumbs-up from a child who was initially anxious to see us.”


Dr. Diana Ellis, dental director for the Center for Family Health, said Dr. Thornton is committed to making a difference in the oral health of CFH patients.


“Her focus on practicing evidence-based dentistry, especially in our pediatric population, has helped shape how we care for our patients,” said Dr. Ellis  “We are fortunate to have her in our practice!”


Dr. Thornton and her husband, Eduardo, have three children between the ages of 1 and 10.


“The Center for Family Health is a very special place,” she said.  “I am proud and thrilled to be part of the CFH team.”