Employee Spotlight: Natasha Klavon

Natasha Klavon - Behavioral Health Counselor

KlavonNatasha Klavon believes in treating patients holistically, with integrated care for the whole person.

“I try to break barriers and address the person's needs – whether it's medical health, mental health, educational needs, social needs, or physical needs,”  said Natasha, a Licensed Professional Counselor at the Center for Family Health's Northwest Community Health Center.

Natasha has literally been where many of her patients are now: She is a 2002 graduate of Northwest schools who works at that district's school health center.

After graduating from Northwest High School, she earned a bachelor's degree from Michigan State University and a Master of Arts and Counseling degree from Spring Arbor University. Starting in 2011,  Natasha worked for LifeWays in Jackson. Her job there mostly involved initial assessments of patients whose treatment was taken over by other clinicians.

“I wanted to come back to providing ongoing treatment and having ongoing relationships with patients,” Natasha said. To pursue that career goal, she took a job with the Center for Family Health at the Northwest health center in 2014.

Last fall, Natasha was recognized by CFH with an award honoring her for outstanding advocacy on behalf of patients.

“Natasha is very responsive to situations happening around her in the health center and the school, whether it's consulting with the medical provider in the office, or working collaboratively with a school counselor to make sure a student's needs are met,” said Michelle McCormick, School Health Center Manager for CFH.

“She genuinely cares about the mental well-being of the kids in the community.”

Natasha and husband Corey have two children, 7-year-old Caden and 2-year-old Kaylee. Away from work, she loves to travel.

As a native of Jackson County, Natasha is proud to work for a healthcare provider that serves everyone in the community,  whether they have great health insurance or no insurance at all.

“It's important for people to know our doors really are open to all,” she said. “We are here for the whole community.”