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A patient portal is a way to communicate with your health-care provider via the Internet. Our patient portal is called NextGen. It is secure and easy to use.

You can use NextGen to:

It should not be used to reach the Center if you need an immediate response. Call the Center at 517-748-5500 if your question or request is urgent.

To ensure patient privacy, we cannot communicate with patients about medical issues using traditional email. NextGen allows us to message all patients in a confidential, private arena.

How do I request access to NextGen?

Request a token number the next time you are at the Center or call us to enroll anytime.

You can use NextGen by going to www.nextmd.com and using your log-on information.


Can I enroll if I have more than one doctor?

Yes, you can enroll in multiple practices. Each provider must grant you access separately. If you wish to add a provider, contact the office directly.


How can I use NextGen for my children?

Due to confidentiality laws in Michigan, we will not issue a patient portal to parents for children age 12 and older.


Can I have someone help me with NextGen?

You can designate a Care Manager, a person whom you say can have access to and/or manage your portal account. A Care Manager Consent form will be required to fulfill this designation. Please contact our office for more details.


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