School Health Centers

The School Health Center Program is a partnership between the Center for Family Health, Jackson Public Schools, and Northwest Community Schools. While the four health centers are located within the two districts, they make it easy for students and parents to access health care no matter what school district they attend. It's like having a doctor's office in your child's school. The centers at Jackson High School and the Middle School at Parkside are open year-round to anyone through the age of 21 years old, regardless of where – or if – he or she goes to school. The health center at Northeast Elementary School and the Northwest Community Health Center are also open year-round, but they are open to any Jackson County adult or child.

By increasing access, school health centers are designed to improve the health status of elementary, middle and high school students. All services provided are designed to meet the special developmental, socio-emotional and access needs of adolescents and youth.

Primary medical care and behavioral health services provided on-site at the schools include:

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