Centering Pregnancy


The Center for Family Health has adopted a new method of providing prenatal care, CenteringPregnancy. It is a model for group prenatal care, created by the non-profit Centering Healthcare of Boston. The goal of this method is to promote health, healthy lifestyles and people participating in the health-care system. It has been implemented in a variety of settings across the nation, with different populations.

The Center – through the adoption of this method – strives to improve the well-being of pregnant women, improving their self image, increasing their self-care skills, and decreasing infant mortality and maternal morbidity. This method also promotes the healthy growth and development of the fetus, reduces family violence, promotes family development and reduces unintended pregnancies.

Expectant moms can choose to participate in a Centering group or opt for traditional, individual prenatal care. The advantage of the Centering method is additional time you have with the physician as well as being in a supportive group environment with other expectant women.


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