Centering Parenting

The Center for Family Health was the first place in Michigan to offer CenteringParenting, an innovative model of group care for moms and their babies.

CenteringParenting is designed by the nonprofit Centering Healthcare Institute of Boston, and it incorporates health assessment, education, and support in a group setting. 

The goal is to promote health, healthy lifestyles and people participating in the health-care system together.

The parenting groups meet for two hours eight or nine times during the babies’ first year.  Groups are made up of six or seven babies, who are about the same age, and their moms.  Dads (or another support person) are welcome.

The sessions replace the normal times of well-baby check-ups – without the waiting and checking in. 

During the group meetings, the babies see a pediatrician for the scheduled check-up.  The parents weigh and measure their babies, learn baby-care skills, join a circle for a discussion facilitated by a provider, and develop a support network with the other parents.

Much of the learning is parent-to-parent, which shows moms that they really do know how to care for their babies.

Healthy snacks are available during the sessions.

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